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Optimize your website and increase leads

Want to know how to get more leads? Of course you do. When you optimize your website you have a better chance of the viewer staying longer, becoming interested in your content and eventually contacting your about your products and services. Your contact page is a page so many people don’t pay enough attention to when it comes to website optimization.

Plain and simple, you need to make it “plain and simple” for people to contact you.

1. The more fields you require them to fill out the more likely they are to give you a miss.

2. Make it easy for them to find you contact Tab. I know this sound so obvious, but lately in my web travels I have found more and more people NOT adding a contact tab to their top tab bar. Why make it hard for people to contact you? After all you’re in business to sell something so you want to shout “here I am CONTACT me I can help you”. Make you contact page obvious!

3. Give people several options for contacting you. Email, land-line number, Skype, mobile, contact form an the actual email address can all be added to your contact form. It’s a great way to test which is most effective.

Optimizing your website is a continual process. As trends change, as your website changes, you’ll need to keep an eye on your website optimization to be continually increasing your website traffic.

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