How to show the face of your admin person on your Facebook Page #infographic

Social Media Marketing is about creating connections and building trust in your brand or business. When you remember that people relate better to people rather than a company logo, you see the logic in featuring the face of your Facebook Page admin.
If you have more than one admin you may want to feature them all. I suggest when they are speaking on the Page that they sign their name to the post so people can feel more connected to the business. All too often businesses hide behind a business name and it keeps them at arms length from their Likers.

If you want to increase your Likers and the success of your business you have to come out of hiding. Let your face be seen, own your business and be proud of it.If you want to retain anonymity choose another face to feature. It doesn’t have to be the person who created the Page it can be another admin person.The more can make the admin on Facebook a person Likers can relate to the more people will want to engage with your Page. be open be accessible and be open and watch the rewards come flooding in.

How many admins do you have on your Facebook Page?