The power of Pinterest for Social Media Marketing in 2013

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Pinterest exploded onto the Social Media Marketing scene and it’s growth just continues. It’s easy of use for Pinners, and businesses alike is certainly a feature that attracts a lot of users.

As 2013 unfolds I see a change in the way images are presented. More and more the long infographic style is being adopted to present fashion looks and products in an attempt to capture the attention of the addicted Pinterester. Users are becoming aware that that too much information crammed into an infographic can actually backfire and turn Pinners off rather than on.

The fact that Pins are on display for all the world to see all the time is a boon for Marketers. No hidden Photo Albums as on Facebook, just bold beautiful images to scroll through on the boards of individuals and businesses alike. Blending fun and interesting content with products makes it much more enticing for a user to want to become a follower of another user or a business.

As Pinterest begins to out perform nearly all other Social Media platforms for driving traffic it is sure to become ( if it hasn’t already ) one of the favorite Social Media Marketing tools of 2013.

Will you be using Pinterest for business in 2013?