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[h3]Pinterest for Business[/h3]
To use Pinterest for business you need to be able to tell the story of your business with images.  Keep this infographic handy as it provides all the sizes of images used on the new look Pinterest.  Images need to have the Goldilocks tick of approval.  They need to be just right! Not too small to be missed in all the competition for space on Pinterest. Likewise they can’t be too big or they get distorted when they Pinterest re-sizes them.
More and more Social Media Marketing is employing the creative use of imagery.   Twitter recognized this trend and added Vine while Facebook increased the size of images on users News Feed and eased restrictions around users Cover images.


To increase your SEO ranking add keywords in the description of your images. This area is very often under utilized and can help educate the viewer more about your business . Social Media Marketing is not only about keeping up with trends it’s about effective communication and images are one of the best ways of communicating your marketing message.


The use of infographics has become extremely popular. Yes they are time consuming to make but they are well worth the effort. Pinterest users are hungry for fresh content as 80% of Pins are re-pins.  To me that’s an indicator that people don’t have the time and or skills to create their own infographics.


Need help creating your own infographics? Take a look at my PinngingMania online Coaching program as there are Bonus videos that show you what tools are available and how to use them.


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