LinkedIn Checklist to promote your business and or your career. For more social media tips and resources visit #SocialMediaSpecialist Gaynor Parke LinkedIn Infographic

The ultimate LinkedIn checklist for business marketing and career opportunities

We all know LinkedIn as a Platform that is brilliant as a resource for finding jobs, but did know know it is also a wonderful tool to market your business?

Most recruiters, over 90% in fact, use LinkedIn in their search to assess the best candidate for the roles they have to fill. Yes it’s a wonderful way to highlight your skills and strengths but used well it is a highly effective marketing tool to help you make a career move or promote your business.

Let me clarify, direct promotion is frowned upon, I’m talking about developing relationships, showing your expertise in discussions and sharing useful information to assist others. These types of activities will show you in a highly favorable light and will most definitely reflect well on your company. People buy from people, so building your own personal brand goes a long way to indirectly building the brand of your business.

Follow the steps in my LinkedIn infographic and watch your connections grow and the reputation of your business build.
Do you have any questions about using LinkedIn? Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear from you.

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