Life is a journey of pleasures and challenges. We all need some inspiring quotes from time to time to uplift, comfort and strengthen us. I collect quotes that have inspired me and add quotes that come from my Inner Guidance and hope they will be of some inspiration to you also. If this has inspired you and you are looking for more quotes take a look at my Blog post 100 Inspirational Quotes. Feel free to share, post, pin and tweet to uplift others.

Do not let your lack of information harm the growth of your business Inspirational quotes #inspiringquotes

Self Doubt is a killer of dreams. DO NOT open the door to it - Gaynor Parke - Inspiring quotes #quotes Inspirational quotes

Someday is HERE just do it Gaynor Parke Inspiring quotes Inspirational quote

Everyday there is something to be grateful for  Inspiring quote Gaynor Parke Inspirational quotes

Do what you love - Gaynor Parke Inspiring quotes Inspirational quotes

Let your creative juices flow Gaynor Parke Inspiring quote Inspirational quotes
Inspirational quotes Inspiring quotes Feed your soul and your bank account

How to deal with Anger - Gaynor Parke - Inspirational quotes Inspiring quotes
Inspirational Quotes Success Inspiring quote

Self acceptance inspiring quotes Inspirational quotes

Inspiring quote  More is good Inspirational quotes

Inspirational quotes It is OK to want more Inspiring Quote

SUCCESS Means Never let the competition define you. Instead, define yourself. #InspiringQuote #quotes Inspirational

You had the power all along my dear- Wizard of Oz Inspiring quote Inspirational QuotesBUY Pendant HERE

Look inwards for your answers #inspiring #inspirational #quotes Gaynor Parke

Not happy with your life -Change something inspiring quotes inspirational Gaynor Parke

Do what you love #inspiration #inspiring #quote Gaynor Parke

Focus on what you want #inspiring #inspiration #quote Gaynor Parke

now is the time-inspirational quote #inspiring #quotes

dont be afraid to live-#inspiring #quotes Inspirational quotes Gaynor Parke

Don't focus on differences focus on similarities Inspirational quotes Inspiration Gaynor Parke

Inspiration 2013-June 3rd

What others think of me is none of my business. – Unknown  ” You are a part of all things” – Gaynor Parke    “Move with the tides of your life. Accept where you are with no judgement and allow joy to cut a path through all things” ~ Gaynor Parke

Inspiration gold inspiring quotes inspiration Gaynor Parke

Inspirational quotes by Gaynor Parke kittens that inspire

2-Choices Inspirational quotes inspiring quotes

Butterfly Inspirational quotes Inspiring quotes Gaynor Parke

Inspiring quotes Inspiration inspirational

Entrepreneur Inspirational Quotes

inspiring quotes inspiration from Gaynor Parke social media mamma

Inspirational quote Rumi inspiring quotes

“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand “- Rumi

Inspirational quote inspiring quotes you can do it

“If we doubt our fears instead of doubting our dreams think how much we could accomplish” – Joel Brown

Inspirational quote inspiring quotes be yourself

“Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and you will attract people who like the real you” – Gaynor Parke

Inspirational quote inspiring quotes

“Appreciate yourself. You are a precious as each new dawn”- Gaynor Parke

Inspirational quote inspiring quotes

“The only way to succeed is not to worry about what anyone else is doing or saying”

inspiring inspirational quotes Gaynor Parke

“Run towards your dreams not away from your fears” – Gaynor Parke

inspiring inspirational quotes Gaynor Parke

“Make everyday a dance of joy no matter what you are doing” ~ Gaynor Parke

you attract what you focus on Gaynor Parke

“Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want” ~ Abraham

inspiring inspirational quotes Gaynor Parke

“You are all you should be, so celebrate who you are” ~ Gaynor Parke

inspiring inspirational quotes Gaynor Parke

“When you face your fears they melt away” ~ Gaynor Parke

inspiring inspirational quotes Gaynor Parke

“Actions say it but the words are important too” ~ Gaynor Parke

gratitude - inspiring quotes

“Don’t forget to say thanks to the people you love because they won’t always be around” ~ Gaynor Parke