How to get run a successful facebook promotion on your Facebook Fan Page #infographic

Now Facebook has eased restrictions on how to run promotions here are 8 tips on how to increase traffic to your Facebook promotions and contests. Woobox ( the creator of this infographic) has some terrific applications that make setting up a promotion or contest on Facebook very easy. Even though restrictions around Facebook promotions have eased substantially there are still very strong benefits to using an application.


One of the most powerful ways to grow a business is to generate a large and healthy list of potential clients. Commonly referred to as The List. ¬†Facebook promotions have many benefits but the man benefit is that it enables businesses to grow their “list”. Be creative with your promotions. Try a variety of sweepstakes, contests and promotions run purely on your Facebook Page in addition to contests using Apps. This will help to keep your Facebook Likers interested and engaged on your Page. To see the new rules surrounding Facebook promotions take a look at my article ” New Rules For Facebook Promotions Announced


Leave a comment below and tell us what type of promotions have you run on your Facebook Page.