Social Media Marketing- Siocial Media Mamma Gaynor Parke Social Media is like Dating



Social Media Mamma Gaynor Parke says “Social Media is a lot like dating”. You connect with lots of people, some you resonate with some you don’t. Don’t take it personally. Not everyone will agree with the way you like to work or see the word and that’s ok.

What all these connections give you, is clarity. You get clearer and clearer on who you’d like to work with. Who your ideal client is, what they like, what they respond to, how they make you feel when you work with them and lots more. Being clear on who your ideal client is, helps you attract more of them.

When you focus on what you want, when you have a very clear picture in your mind as to who you want to work with, you’ll find more and more of those types of people showing up in your world. Social Media Marketing is like anything else, where attention goes energy flows! The energy you send out into the Universe will be drawn like a magnet to like energy. That’s why those that aren’t on your wave length are annoyed by you and visa versa. Your energy either matches someone else’s energy or it doesn’t! There is no judgement here; people will match you or someone else. Staying true to who you really are will help you to find more people with whom you match. The result, more matched people so more people who are happier. I have to agree with Albert Schweitzer “Success is not the key to happiness- happiness is the key to success”

So the trick to winning this Social Media dating game is to appreciate those that don’t respond to your message as they have helped you attain greater clarity and focus. When you know what you don’t want you know more clearly what you do want.

My wish for you in 2013 whether you are a sole entrepreneur, a Social Media Marketing Consultant , Social Media Manager or just starting your own business, is that you keep your focus on what you want while appreciating the things you already have that make you happy. There isn’t a person on the planet who doesn’t want happiness, so whatever it is for you I wish you more of it in great abundance.

Enjoy 2013.