How to use #Pinterest to promote your videos and increase your YouTube subscribers #Videomarketing content marketing #infographic

Use Pinterest to promote your videos

Grow your YouTube subscribers while you increase your Pinterest followers. Pinterest is perfect for business and works hand in hand with video marketing.

Video marketing is slowly taking off on Pinterest so it a perfect time to get ahead of your competition. You can Pin videos directly from YouTube so if you have a YouTube channel you’d be crazy not to be posting your videos to your Pinterest account for extra exposure. Increase your YouTube view by sharing them with a call to action.

  1. No matter what internet marketing you are doing you should be aware of what keywords people are using to search for your business. Adding some of these keywords ( don’t over do it as Google hates keyword stuffing ) to the name of your Pinterest Boards and descriptions of those boards will help people find your videos.
  2. Embedding your videos into your blog post means that when people Pin your blog post your URL will stay with the Pin and direct people back to your website. If you Pin from YouTube they’ll be taken back to YouTube. Embedding has a multiple benefits, more traffic to your site, more video views with possible increase in subscribers to your channel and maybe sign ups to your newsletter or Freebie.
  3. Adding a link back to your website when Pinning directly from YouTube is a great way to increase the exposure of your website.
  4. Just as you use Pinterest to promote your videos you can use your videos to promote your Pinterest Page. Add your Pinterest address in the video description when you upload your video and you have the opportunity to capture more Pinterest followers.
  5. Customizing the cover image of your video not only makes your video more eye catching on YouTube it also has the same effect on Pinterest.
  6. When ever you want people to do something in your Social Media marketing you need to give them clear directions. In you Pinterest descriptions ask people to share and subscribe to your channel and they are more likely to than if not asked.

Due to the visual nature of Pinterest combining your video marketing into your Pinterest business marketing seems a natural progression. Leveraging your marketing material is always a good idea so try these tips and let me know your results. I’d be so surprised if you didn’t see an increase in video views at he very least. Leave a comment below as I’d love to hear your feedback. Are you using video marketing?