LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is where professionals connect but its power as a Social Media marketing tool has been underutilized by many. Used effectively it can really help you increase your professional profile, develop Joint Venture opportunities, help with career moves and loads more.

As a teacher of Social Media marketing the most common complaint I hear is “How do I use LinkedIn to grow business? I don’t have time”. Now seriously, does anyone have a spare hour or even 15mins that they are sitting around wondering what the heck to do to fill that spare time? Yes I can see you smiling, I thought not! So, how to you fit using LinkedIn into your Social Media marketing?

The key is to make it a habit. Small regular attention to something will show great results. As the infographic above suggests, spending a few minutes consistently on a couple of LinkedIn strategies will go a long way to increasing your profile and marketing your business.

1. Connections from others

LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to find people to connect with. Decide on a connection strategy and take 1 minute to click the “connect” button

2. Personalize

Sure the initial draft will take longer than 3 minutes but adapting it to the individual won’t take that long. Very few people say thanks for connecting so stand out from the crowd and send off your “thanks for connecting” letter.

3. Schedule

Scheduling your LinkedIn activity will help keep you consistent. Consistency is the biggest key to success in Social Media marketing. Plus a schedule just takes all the worry out of what to do when. It becomes a no brainer and the work gets done.

4. Send out your own request to connect

Aim for at least one new connection a day and watch your connections grow. If you can’t do one a day, do what you can but keep it consistent.

5. Share helpful content

LinkedIn isn’t full of incidental information like a lot of other Social Media Networks. Make sure your info is appropriate and useful to your connections. Being of service is the fastest way to get new business and retain loyalty.

6. Offer great content to LinkedIn Today editors

Being featured at the top of the LinkedIn newsfeed is great exposure for your business

7. Comment on something shared by someone in your Network

This is just general Networking principles. Be genuine and always supportive. There is nothing worst than false communication so keep it real.

8. Jump out of the digital space

There is nothing more powerful that meeting someone in person to establish or strengthen connections. Offer to meet for coffee or meet up via Skype. Once a physical connection is made the relationship is much more powerful.

Don’t forget, LinkedIn is just another Social Media marketing platform that is a great tool for making connections. It’s up to you to use it effectively to find and connect with your like-minded tribe of people. It’s not the platform that will fail you; it’s the lack of proficiency in its use.

I’d love to connect with you on LinkedIn so come connect at and leave your address below so others can find you. Happy connecting