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How can hashtags help business?

The correct use of Facebook hashtags can help to increase your Likers and certainly increase brand awareness. Add the # symbol before a word or a phrase turns it into a searchable term on Facebook. Facebook users aren’t used to it being available for use on the platform as yet, in fact many aren’t even aware of it’s availability.  None-the-less, it still scores high on user usage due to the enormous amount of Facebook users.
Use hashtags on Facebook to:-

  • Promote an event or promotion
  • Regularly add a hashtag to your brand name or catch phrase associated with your business to raise awareness of your business.
  • Add them to posts that are discussing seasonal events such as #Christmas or #Easter 
  • Search trending hashtags and join the conversation.

Who can see my posts when I use hashtags?

The people you’ve shared your post with can also see it in that hashtag’s feed. For example, if you share a post with a hashtag with Friends, they can see your post in that hashtag’s feed. If you share a public post, like those shared by Pages, anyone who clicks that hashtag can see your post in that feed.

Just as using the “@” symbol took off as a form of marketing I’m sure the use of hashtags will go the same way. Once users begin using in in earnest, it will become a very effective way to find people interested in what you are talking about, be able to connect and eventually share your marketing message. Major influences have been early adopters of taking advantage of the hashtag so it won’t be long before it becomes as popular as on Twitter.

 A word of warning though, overdoing the hashtag can be seen as spam and can be a real turn off. People still want real conversational posts so don’t get too heavy handed with your hashtagging