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So many employers want to know how to motivate employees. When in actual fact they need to be discovering ways to be more inspirational.

Why is this woman inspired to exercise?


[h2] How to motivate employees and be inspirational[/h2]

Motivation is very different from inspiration. Motivation is harder to generate and even harder to sustain. Motivation comes from an external source while inspiration is from within. If you want to persuade people to do something you need to discover their triggers and how to “inspire” them. Whether you want to get people to click on your adverting message, open an email or be more productive at work you need to understand motivation vs inspiration. Being inspiring will certainly increase your success.

Sadly it appears that the majority of employers don’t understand the difference between motivation and inspiration. An “exact” search on Google bought up a result of 110 searches per month for the phrase “how to inspire employees” while a search for “how to motivate employees” returned a result of 5,400.

Understanding this concept of being inspired or being motivated is fundamental when you want to persuade someone to do something. If you can find the triggers that are important to each person you seek to influence, you can help them to find the internal inspiration they need to make a change in their lives. Motivation is often birthed from fear while inspiration always come from a place of love. “I am motivated to work long hours because I am fearful of loosing my job” builds resentment, while “I am inspired to work long hours because my employer is so supportive and makes me feel valued” builds loyalty and sustainable effort.

Whether you are trying to encourage your employees to be more productive, or you want to increase your open rates of your email campaign, the solution is the same. Find what it is that is truly and deeply important to that person, show them how to get it and they will change their behaviour. The mistake most people make is to not investigate the deep reason why people do what they do.

If people say it’s more money that will cause them to change their behaviour, it’s not the actual money they want but what the money will give them. Do they actually want more freedom to do what they want and money will give them more freedom? So much “team” talk is hollow and manipulative. When you realize motivation is short lived and it’s inspiration that is sustainable, strive to be inspirational in your own behaviour and you will inspire others.

Discover the hidden reason that inspires people and if you can help them achieve that, you can help them change their behaviour.

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