First impressions matter Infographic - For more tips and resources visit How to create a great first impression using Social Media

Make a great first impression with Social Media

Over 92% of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and or Twitter for recruiting purposes  so it’s important to make a good impression on Social Media. Therefore it’s important that you look at how you are perceived when using these Networks as it may well impact your career opportunities. In the above infographic Jobvite shares some important do’s and don’ts when looking to make that good first impression on Social Media. Don’t be fooled, employers and recruiters are watching.

The majority of recruiters use LinkedIn to assess candidates

Over 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn access prospective candidates. I have no doubt that just as many employers use the same approach. Social Media started as a place to play and share with friends but when it comes to the more professional side of seeking career, you may find that those fun images you shared with the world won’t do you any favors when looking to advance your career.

Recruiters react most negatively to

  1. References to doing illegal drugs
  2. Posts/tweets of a sexual nature
  3. Profanity in posts or tweets
  4. Spelling/grammar errors in posts/tweets
  5. Drinking alcohol

Recruiters want to see

  1. Memberships in professional organisations
  2. Volunteering and donations to charity

Create a winning Social Media profile

Think of your career search as a form of Social Media marketing. You are the product and you need to market yourself to prospective employers.  Take full advantage of the Social Media Networks and start building an online profile that showcases your emotional intelligence as well as your intellectual intelligence.

Your online profile is already constructed if you have been using Social Media and posting publicly. Take a look at the tips on the infographic to see how you can mold your profile so you will be employers first choice for the role of your dreams.

NOTE: Looking for places to volunteer? Try LinkedIn Volunteer