Pinterest Expert Gaynor Parke shares how to get more Pinterest followers. For more Pinterest for business tips visit Pinterest Infographic

How to get more Pinterest followers

It stands to reason, the more Pinterest followers you have the less often you’ll be asking, how to get more traffic to your website. Pinterest is a very powerful driver of website traffic when used strategically. ┬áHere are 7 of the most popular types of Pinterest Boards.

Vary your Pinterest Boards

To attract more followers you need to have a wide variety of boards. Sure you want to Pin about your business but to attract more followers spread your net wider and add more interest to your account by offering a wider variety of images on a wide variety of topics. When your boards are interesting and appealing to your target audience you’ll see your numbers grow.

Go the extra mile

Don’t just re-pin everyone else’s content. Go the extra mile and research interesting and visually appealing content others aren’t sharing. Pinners are hungry for new content. With fresh content on the right topic you can find your Pins can go viral very quickly and your followers can grow exponentially.

Know your audience

Like all marketing the better you know your audience the better your marketing results. Ask yourself, what does my buyer like to do, to wear, to play? What current topics are they responding to, what motivates them and what do they wish they had? When you get inside the head of your customers you can choose Pins that will really appeal to them and they will be hitting that follow button in droves.

So dear Pinner, what are your favorite boards? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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