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How to improve your Facebook marketing results

Facebook marketing can be challenging but the information in this infographic will certainly help improve your results.

As you can see with the right emoticon you can increase engagement by 138% and at the very least by 38%. Now that’s certainly worth a few more taps of the keyboard.

It’s important to ask

Facebook users can be a very obliging bunch for when asked to Share a post, post will be shared 7 times more than hose that do not request the Share. Likewise those Facebook Page owners that ask for the Like will see an increase of 3% Likes over those that do not ask.

Questions are powerful

Asking questions will increase interaction by 92% but adding that question at the end of the post will increase increase your comment rate by 100%.
As you can see there is more to Facebook marketing that just throwing up any old post. It matters what you say, how you say it and when you say it. But above all don’t loose sight of the fact that your content needs to be relevant to your audience and something worth interacting with. Be strategic yes, but be human and engaging first.