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What if……

I don’t have a Facebook Page?

  • You’ll find this program SUPER EASY to use to create a Facebook Page
  • Step-by-Step video tutorials will take you through everything you need to know to make a Facebook Page
  • You’ll discover how to set up correctly right from the start so you will comply with all of Facebook’s Terms of Service
  • You’ll be surprised how FAST it is to get your Facebook Page for business set up the right way.
  • This program will make sure you’ll be easily found in Facebook searches
  • You discover how a Facebook Page can help your Google rankings
  • You’ll understand the ESSENTIAL Facebook secret to success a lot of people still don’t fully understand
  • Your confidence will skyrocket as you discover tips and techniques to having a successful Facebook Page so many people don’t know!


What if …..

I already have a Facebook Page?

You’ll discover….

  • Easy techniques to get more Facebook Likes
  • Ideas for promotions that excite your Likers
  • 101 ways to get Likers talking to you
  • Strategies to increase sales leads
  • Strategies for increasing your SEO
  • How to install and customize Facebook applications
  • How to create fun activities to increase your engagement
  • How to effectively measure your performance so you do more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • Where to find content that will excite your audience
  • Facebook business techniques that will save you time and money


How To Create A Facebook Page – that REALLY works … ALSO INCLUDES …..


101 Ideas For Facebook Posts

  • Never be stuck for something to say ever again. 
  • Get you Facebook Likers excited and talking on your Facebook Page
  • Easily applied to any industry
  • Increase viral marketing



Shows You How To Create POWERFUL Images for Social Media

  • Make your photos POP with these EASY tips and tools
  • NO technical skills needed and no need for a Graphic Designer – SO EASY!
  • Can be used for your marketing strategy on and off-line. For Blogging, Video marketing, Email Marketing, Newsletters, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest, anywhere you can use images
  • Save $$$$ by creating your own images, fast.


How To Create a Facebook Page - That REALLY Works

how to create a Facebook Page

You SAVE $350      as your investment is only        $97


How to Make a Facebook Page


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Let Social Media Mamma Gaynor Parke show you how to create a Facebook Page that really works!

So many people are using Facebook for business and wondering why their Facebook Page isn’t getting them the results they want. Let me save you a whole lot of time and effort and show you the Facebook Marketing strategies that have worked for my Pages and many others.

Discover the right Social Media tools and techniques to make a Facebook Page that will be a great asset to your Social Media Marketing Strategy and help you create the business success you want. Whether you want more sales leads, or to increase your brand awareness, become a leader in your field, grow your mailing list or create a buzz around your products, a successful Facebook Page can help.

“HOW TO CREATE A FACEBOOK PAGE … that REALLY works” is an on-line Coaching program that is so easy to follow. This Step-by-Step Coaching via video is the next best thing to having Gaynor sitting right next to you in your own home. With the right Facebook Page and the right Social Media Marketing techniques you’ll get more Facebook Likes, increase your viral marketing and grow a community of interested Facebook Page followers. Facebook business is big business so let Gaynor Parke help you connect with your target audience via the power of Facebook Marketing and start your journey to becoming a Social Media SUPER HERO.

BONUS 1 – 101 Ideas for Facebook Posts 

Will help you create posts that will stimulate interaction on your Facebook Page. It’s all too easy to run dry of ideas that will stimulate comment but with this terrific bonus you’ll never be stuck for the right conversation starter again.

BONUS 2 – How To Create Powerful Images For Social Media

Photos are incredibly important in Social Media. These EXTRA videos will show you how to create unique and powerful images to support your Social Media marketing strategy. Any where you use images these videos will help. Add your personally designed photos not only to your Facebook Page but to Twitter, LinkedIn, Newsletter, Emails, leaflets, brochures, posters, documents, Pinterest and many other promotional material.

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