The power of images is growing in Social Media Pinterest and Instagram lead the way Business Infographic

Pinterest and Instagram are changing Social Media marketing

As Social Media becomes more dominated by images Social Media networks such as Pinterest and Instagram become more important to a marketers Social Media marketing strategy.  Pinterest content sharing grew 19% in 2013 while Facebook grew only 15% and while Twitter fell to 8%.  While 400 million Snapchat photos and videos are received every day.

Social Media marketing is all about interaction and conversation. What Pinterest, Instagram and other visual orientated networks like them are able to do is to provide a platform for marketers to tell their story visually.  From the dawn of time people have been communicating visually so there is nothing new in the idea of visual communication. It can be simpler, reach more people and can be more effective than text.

In the past many businesses have relied on text messages with a minor component being visual. Now the tables are turning. The visual is becoming more popular either in the form of either images or video. Those that embrace the trend will see their businesses jump ahead of their competitors and develop a stronger understanding of their customers wants. This deeper understanding will certainly help in knowing what steps to take in the development of a business.

Which is your favorite visual Social Media network? Leave a comment below I’d love to know.