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GOLD Monthly GROUP- Social Media Marketing program Social Media Mamma Gaynor Parke

I cover Facebook, Pinterest, Blogging,  Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. The main focus is however on Facebook and Pinterest as Pinterest in particular is driving more traffic to websites than Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + combined while  Facebook has the  most users so you just can’t ignore it. In 2012 it reached 1 billion users, that’s IMMENSE.

The thing is, nearly every week there is yet another change to one or more of these platforms. You really need a resource that can keep you up to date with strategies to cope with all the changes.

I want to share with you, EASY, step-by-step, How-To videos so you don’t have to be a tech head to understand how to make the best use of these programs.  There’s nothing like videos to explain things. Click here, do this, simple specific instructions on how to not only manage your Social Media but become a real Social Media Super Hero!


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