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This FREE Webinar will help you understand why combining Pinterest With Facebook will allow you to create the most powerful Social Media Strategy for your business.

Facebook has one fundamental flaw that Pinterest compensates for beautifully while Facebook has an enormous edge on all other Social Media Marketing Networks. There are lots of aspects of the two Networks that complement one another. If I was to choose just two Social Media Networks I would hands down choose these two. Come along to my FREE Webinar to see all the pros and cons of both Pinterest and Facebook and how combined they turn into a Super Powered Social Media Marketing Machine.

Where: On-line
When: Wednesday 31st July USA
4pm Pacific Time
6pm Central Time
7pm Eastern Time

Thursday 1st August 9am Sydney Australian Time

If you have any specific questions please leave them below and I’ll try and add them to the webinar or I’ll answer you directly.

Hope you can make it

– Gaynor