Create a powerful ABOUT page and increase brand loyalty

8 ways to create an interesting about page. For more tips and social media marketing resources visit Infographic

The forgotten web page that can be very powerful

Web design is not a complete concept but all too often the “about” page of a site get forgotten. This page can be a very powerful way to tell your story and go a long way to building trust and confidence […]

Which is better Tumblr or WordPress? – Infographic

Which is better Tumblr or WordPress for creating a blog. For more Social Media Marketing tips and resources visit Blogging Infographic

What are the differences between Tumblr and WordPress?

Can’t decide on which platform for your website? There will be a few questions you’ll need to answer though before you start. Which blog platform is best for me to use? Is Tumblr or WordPress better? What are the benefits of using a […]

10 Powerful reasons to use Infographics for SEO and digital marketing

10 reasons why infographics are powerful for SEO and digital marketing. For more marketing tips visit Marketing Infographic

10 reasons why infographics are powerful for SEO and digital marketing

Infographics are not just fancy pieces of visual content that can spice up your blog and website. They can drive a successful digital marketing campaign though […]

What people share on Facebook – Infographic

What people share on Facebook by Social Media specialist Gaynor Parke For more Social Media marketing content and tips visit Facebook infographic

What do people share on Facebook?

Why should you care what people share on Facebook? As a marketer ( yes if you have a business you have to be […]

Story telling is the key to marketing success – Infographic


Story telling will increase your marketing success

It’s far easier for us to remember stories than the cold hard facts, so it makes sense to use story telling methods in our content marketing.

When reading straight data, only the language parts of our brains work to decode the meaning. But […]