In email marketing mobile matters

Mobile matters for email marketing. For more marketing tips visit Email Infographic

Mobile matters when it comes to email marketing

Do you have an email marketing strategy that encompasses mobile devices? Email is the most popular activity on a smart phone yet 75% of emails received on mobile devices are deleted if not optimized for those devices.
According to the makers of […]

Get more out of Google with these Google Searches tips

How to get more out of Google search. PART 1 For more Social Media marketing tips visit Gaynor Parke Pinterest Expert at Google Infographic

Get more out of Google with these Google Searches tips

Google search continues to expand and offer more and more options. These search tips will help you find what you are looking for even faster.

Whether you’re looking for an article in a magazine from 1930 or an image with […]

How consumers use multiple devices at once – Infographic

Understanding how comsumers use multiscreens For more marketing tips visit Social Media Specialist Gaynor Parke Business Infographic

Consumers use multiple devices at once

Consumers habits are constantly changing and as use of mobile devices rises so does their multiple use. So where does the marketer place their ads to capture the attention of their consumer? Good question.

The more consumers use multiple devices it’s stands to reason […]

What are the secrets to great blog post

What is the most important content in your Social Media marketing. For more marketing tips visit Blogging infographic

What are the secrets to a great blog post?

“Content is King”, still remains the answer to this question. But we need to answer another question, what content is the most important? Great text AND…. great images is my answer.

We are in the age of Image Marketing and images […]

Who users LinkedIn – A portrait of a LinkedIn user

Who uses LinkedIn. For more social media marketing tips and resourrces visit LinkedIn Infographic

Who uses LinkedIn?

Knowing what’s important to the LinkedIn user and how they use the platform is important knowledge for the Social Media marketer. People use LinkedIn as a personal branding tool, as a means to find a job, to make career moves and to promoted their businesses. All these […]