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B2B consumers move toward mobile content just like B2C consumers

When it comes to mobile content marketing, B2B consumers are opting for shorter bite sized content just like B2C consumers while 91% of consumers prefer interactive content they can access on demand. With these types on changes in the behaviour of consumers marketers would be crazy not o sit up and take notice.

In the words of Matthew McKenzie of Content4Demand “Mobile optimized content is no longer a “nice to have” capability — it’s fundamental to the reach, effectiveness and credibility for B2B marketers”.

Google recognizes the fast paced move to Mobile so is looking to enhance their search capabilities in this area. With it’s increased options for searching a query such as “voice search” more and more mobile orientated search options are sure to arise.

Not only are consumers devouring mobile content they are running their businesses from their phone. The more consumers use mobile devices the more imperative it is for businesses to create mobile friendly content and websites or risk being left in the marketing wilderness.