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Gaynor Parke is the founder of Social Media Business Academy. As a Social Media consultant who is an expert in Pinterest for business her skills also include Facebook marketing and all things Social Media. She offers training both in person and a variety of outstanding home study on-line courses.

How is digital marketing different from classical marketing?

classic marketing-vs-digital marketing infographic -

New digital marketing techniques and strategies can be a challenge for those trained in classical marketing ways. I have trained many clients with marketing degrees in the classic methods of marketing who have found the new digital and Social Media marketing techniques a far cry from the strategies they […]

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4 top email marketing tips for better conversions -Infographic

4 top email marketing tips for better results. For more social media marketing inspiration visit email marketing infographic

Email marketing is still a very powerful method of reaching prospective clients, retaining and up-selling to present clients.

Like any marketing relevant content is at the basis of the success of this marketing strategy. Content just for the sake of it will fall on deaf ears and quickly lead […]

B2B and B2C consumers devour mobile content marketing

Content is a key factor in purchasing choice. For more marketing tips visit Gaynor Parke Social Media Specialist at Marketing Infographic

B2B consumers move toward mobile content just like B2C consumers

When it comes to mobile content marketing, B2B consumers are opting for shorter bite sized content just like B2C consumers while 91% of consumers prefer¬†interactive content they can access on demand. With these types on changes in the behaviour […]

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10 Tips for increasing your engagement – Infographic

10 tips for better status updates. For more marketing tips visit #MarketingSpecialist Gaynor Parke Marketing Infographic

How to increase your engagement

Writing a great status update no matter what Social Media platform you use is effective marketing as it will get your message noticed and will increase engagement.¬†Engagement is important in all Social Media marketing but in Facebook it’s imperative.

As Facebook leans more and more […]

In email marketing mobile matters

Mobile matters for email marketing. For more marketing tips visit Email Infographic

Mobile matters when it comes to email marketing

Do you have an email marketing strategy that encompasses mobile devices? Email is the most popular activity on a smart phone yet 75% of emails received on mobile devices are deleted if not optimized for those devices.
According to the makers of […]

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