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All things Facebook

This is where you will find links to pages with Facebook information.  How-To Videos, Articles, Help links, Facebook Apps and more


NOTE: All information is correct at the time of printing. It should be noted however, that Facebook can and does alter rules, guidelines and features often. Therefore this information cannot be relied upon completely for legal reasons and persons reading should undertake to check Facebook’s rules and guidelines for themselves before relying on information supplied. The information supplied are guidelines only.


Facebook states that we are to use Facebook Pages for business and NOT our Profiles.

If you would like to convert your Profile to a Page this is your link

Can I convert my newly created Page back to a personal account?

In the words of Facebook…
“If you’ve accidentally converted your personal account to a Facebook Page, you can submit a request for a reversal. Please keep in mind that it’s a violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to maintain a personal account for anything other than an individual person. Pages offer more robust features for organizations, businesses, public figures, brands and organizations. If you wish to submit an appeal, you can do so here.”

 Difficulties when using Facebook

These are links for problems people have asked me about. I hope you on’t need to use them:-)
I lost access to my group or Pagehere’s your link

Note that the only way someone can gain control of a group or Page is by becoming an admin or getting into one of the admins’ accounts.

If you’ve been removed as an admin of a group or Page, try contacting the current admins directly, if you know them. Any current admin should be able to make you an admin again.

If any of the contents on a group or Page violate the Facebook Terms, please submit a report. To learn more about how to keep your groups and Pages secure in the future, review our account safety tips.

How do I permanently ban someone from my Page?

From your Page:

  1. Open your admin panel and click See All in the New Likes section
  2. Select the X next to the name of the person you wish to ban
  3. Check the Ban Permanently box
  4. Click Okay

From a post on your Page’s timeline:

  1. Click  next to a post by the person you wish to ban
  2. Click Delete Post…
  3. Select Delete and Ban User

From a comment:

  1. Click the X next to a comment by the person you wish to ban
  2. Select Delete Comment…
  3. Choose Delete and Ban User

You can always view a list of the people banned from your Page via the See Likes link on the Likes tab of your Page Insights or the See All link next to New Likes in your admin panel. Select the Bannedfilter from the top-left dropdown menu after clicking the link.

Facebook Promotions

To keep abreast of the Facebook Terms of service  is important  as you do NOT want to run the risk of having your promotion pulled or worse still your Page deleted altogether.  I feel that understanding Facebook’s guidelines prevents a lot of possible difficulties so this is why I have added the link to their actual guidelines here on this front page.

I suggest you come to your own conclusions as to what Facebook means when it lists these Terms of Service.

However here are a couple of articles on others interpretations when it comes to promotions and competitions.

Facebook Giveaways and Contests Explained

Facebooks Guidelines On Promotions Translated 

Facebook Videos

These videos are not available to the general public so please DO NOT share them. If you would like a friend to enjoy them please direct them to the “Gold Group Mentoring” Tab on my website so they can arrange their own membership. Thanks for that.

 Facebook Strategies to increase your success

When is the best time for YOU to Post on Facebook to get the best results  

Scheduling your Facebook Posts. PLUS, integrating your Pinterest Pins effectively on Facebook

How to add a POLL to your Facebook Page – Part 1

How to add a POLL to your Facebook Page – Part 2




Fabulous Facebook Aps

  • FaceitPages                     FREE with lots more than just contests
  • FanRX                             FREE one of my favorite Apps EASY and versatile
  • Photo Contest App           FREE Easy App
  • Offerpop                          Depends on how many Fans you has as to what you pay
  • Rafflecopter                     PAID
  • ShortStack                       FREE Lots of options for customization. A little more complicated though
  • Strutta                              FREE Trial Only
  • Tabfusion                         PAID
  • Tabsite                             FREE Trial Only
  • Votigo                              PAID
  • Wildfire                            PAID
  • Woobox                           FREE -for general App functionality. Very EASY and versatile

Facebook custom tab apps:

Facebook Cover Image rules

There are now no restrictions on what you can add to your Facebook Cover image. Isn’t that great news? Here’s Facebook’s link for their Page Guidelines 

Facebook Articles

To find all the articles on Facebook just click on the BLOG Tab and search “Facebook Article” in the SEARCH BOX. You can also search for any particular type of article such as “Facebook New Features” by typing in the Search bar.

Facebook Ads

As of early 2013 Facebook has limited the amount of text you can use when creating Ads Facebook’s 20% Rule For Facebook Ads. This is a link to Facebook’s official info on Facebook Ads

Facebook Infographics

To find all the Infographics on Facebook just click on the BLOG Tab above and search “Facebook Infographic” in the SEARCH BOX. 


Facebook contest tips

A visual guide to Facebook Ad types

4 of the biggest mistakes people make on Facebook

Can Facebook Graph Search make you money

10 way Facebook Page success tips

Facebook and mobile users