Let me help you to get started on your journey to becoming a SOCIAL MEDIA SUPER STAR

Social Media Mamma Gaynor Parke

Hello and thanks for dropping by, I’m Gaynor Parke and I’m the founder and face behind Social Media Business Academy.

I’m here to share with you over 25 years of sales and business experience. I believe business success is tied directly to how effectively you can create business relationships. I love Social Media as I believe it’s the best place to grow and strengthen relationships in general and in business. My particular passion is Facebook and Pinterest as they have been instrumental in me being able to drive huge traffic to my websites and grow my businesses.

My journey with Social Media stated with a business called FIND IT For Weddings. I started from the ground up with a Facebook Page, discovering what Social Media Marketing techniques worked and what didn’t. That means you get all the advantages of my first hand experience and you won’t have to learn the hard way.

Having had my own very successful businesses I know you want to reduce costs, increase income, use tools that are effective and save time, while all the while making money. Whether you’re selling a product or service, just want to increase brand awareness, Social Media makes it so much easier to connect with people who are interested in what you have to say.

Like anything it’s easy when you know how. It’s easy to create Social Media accounts but making them work effectively to grow your business is another story altogether. Take a look around and if you want to know about any of the programs, workshop or would like to work with me personally (that’s what I REALLY enjoy), it would be great to hear from you.

I’d love you to”LIKE, PIN, POST and TWEET” any of my material and don’t forget to leave a comment on my blog posts if you have a question or an opinion. I’d just love to hear from you so let me know how I can best help you.

Here’s to your success and hope to chat with you soon.

Gaynor 🙂