Content marketing vital for Social Media marketing

Within your digital media marketing you need to pay close attention to your content marketing as it is at the heart of business success.

Content marketing cocktail. For more social media marketing tips and resources visit Marketing Infographic


Consumers are demanding more interactive content marketing

“Content marketing is focused not on selling, but on simply communicating with customers and prospects” according to the […]

How to motivate employees and be inspirational

How to get people to do what you want How to increase your #success #socialmediamarketing #Pinterestforbusiness #inspiration #motivation

So many employers want to know how to motivate employees. When in actual fact they need to be discovering ways to be more inspirational.

Why is this woman inspired to exercise?


[h2] How to motivate employees and be inspirational[/h2]

Motivation is very different from inspiration. Motivation is harder […]

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FREE Webinar -Facebook and Pinterest essential in Social Media Marketing

#FREEWebinar #Pinterest for business PLUS Facebook-the perfect love story Social Media Marketing

This FREE Webinar will help you understand why combining Pinterest With Facebook will allow you to create the most powerful Social Media Strategy for your business.

Facebook has one fundamental flaw that Pinterest compensates for beautifully while Facebook has an enormous edge on all other Social Media Marketing Networks. There […]

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7 Super Hero Pinterest Strategies Using Infographics

Pinterest marketing strategies for Social Media Marketing infographics


7 Pinterest for business Social Media Marketing strategies

Superheros do things other people don’t. When using Pinterest for business these Social Media Marketing strategies will put you in the Super Hero class

1. Add your website address to your infographic.

People may not click on the infographic itself to […]

How To Win The Social Media Dating Game

Social Media Marketing- Siocial Media Mamma Gaynor Parke Social Media is like Dating



Social Media Mamma Gaynor Parke says “Social Media is a lot like dating”. You connect with lots of people, some you resonate with some you don’t. Don’t take it personally. Not everyone will agree with the way you like to work or see the word and that’s […]

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