How is digital marketing different from classical marketing?

classic marketing-vs-digital marketing infographic -

New digital marketing techniques and strategies can be a challenge for those trained in classical marketing ways. I have trained many clients with marketing degrees in the classic methods of marketing who have found the new digital and Social Media marketing techniques a far cry from the strategies they […]

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How visual marketing is dominating digital marketing

Visual marketing in now more powerful than ever. For more digital marketing resources visit Marketing Infographic

The rise and rise of Visual Marketing

The rise of visual marketing has been so fast it has impacted the entire digital marketing landscape. Arenas that used to be dominated by text are now being bombarded by images in an attempt to satisfy the veracious appetite of the Social Media […]

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Story telling is the key to marketing success – Infographic


Story telling will increase your marketing success

It’s far easier for us to remember stories than the cold hard facts, so it makes sense to use story telling methods in our content marketing.

When reading straight data, only the language parts of our brains work to decode the meaning. But […]

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Answers to- what does a marketer do – Infographic

8 traits of a marketer Infographic Social Media marketing What does a marketer do

What does a marketer do?

We’ve all heard the question – “so what do you do”. But how to you explain creativity? How do you explain what a marketer really does? These cute answers where a result of the question posed to the followers of […]

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Best Apps for business on your smart phone – Infographic

How to run a small business from your smart phone PART 1 business infographics

Run your business from your smart phone -save time and money

Financial Apps for your business……

Quickbooks helps you create and organize your invoices, track inventory, pay bills and a whole lot more. You can use it on all your devices as it syncs data automatically across your computer, iPad, […]

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