Pinterest marketing strategies for Social Media Marketing infographics


7 Pinterest for business Social Media Marketing strategies

Superheros do things other people don’t. When using Pinterest for business these Social Media Marketing strategies will put you in the Super Hero class

1. Add your website address to your infographic.

People may not click on the infographic itself to see where it originated from so adding your website address will help them find you.

Plus sometimes people change the link to where the infographic originated from so adding it to the image will mean that people can still find you.

2. Add “see more tips on our Blog Post” to encourage people to click through to your website.

When your infographic has valuable content and you entice the viewer to see more great content on your website, there’s a good chance they will click though to get a second helping of your content they enjoyed on your infographic

3.  The best times for you to post to Pinterest will be determined by many factors. Experimentation is the key. Try certain times of the day and different days of the week. Keep in mind that Social Media is often busy on the weekends as more people have time to browse. But eventually it will be up to you to find what works best for your business.

4. Find the Goldilocks balance in how many Pins you Pin at once. One may stand out if it’s well designed but just as merchandisers display on blocks of colour or product, you will get noticed more if you post a couple of infographics at a time. I’m not talking immediately following one another. Leave at least 5 mins between posts and make them different. I’ve seen the same Pin posted to different boards close together and it looks spammy so be careful.

5.  Inviting others to participate in your account via Group Boards can vastly increase your exposure and content. You do need to keep an eye on the quality of Pins and ban and spammers.


BONUS Pinterest Strategies

6. Comment on others infographic Pins.

Your profile thumbnail will show under the Pin for the owner of the Pin and others who Re-Pin the Pin to see. This will encourage people to take a look at your content and hopefully visit your website.

7. Research popular Pins. Click through to the original source of the Pin and Pin other images similar to the popular images. Chances are that if people like one image from a site they will like others.

What are you favorite types of Pins to look at and Pin? I’d love to know so leave a comment below.

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