How to use infographics to find a job

How to use infographics to find your ideal job The new resume

How to use infographics to find a job

Infographics are a wonderful way to tell your story visually. It’s a great way to express your creativity and your originality will help you to stand out among the crowd. Their effectiveness is due to many factors but one of the main […]

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9 Top Tips for successful personal branding-Infographic

How to improve your personal branding Branding Infographic

Top Tips For Personal Branding

With the tremendous global use of Social Media marketing, personal branding has become a very popular and effective tool for promoting a business in addition to an individual person.

Personal branding isn’t just for people who want to start their own business it’s also helpful […]

How branding effects your business – infographic

Why is branding important for a business The impact of branding infographic

How branding effects your business
Creating effective branding will help you stand out from other businesses. Get it right and it’s great, get it wrong and it could have a huge negative impact. I have seen successful brands change their branding and have a diabolical effect on their business, so […]

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New Facebook Timeline Image Sizes – Infographic

2014 March new Facebook Timeline sizing Facebook infographic

New Facebook Timeline Images

Facebook is rolling out it’s new Timeline interface. They have moved a few things around somewhat but all in all I really like the layout. Not sure if you have the new Facebook look yet? If you see the “F” in the top left of your […]

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How to make a great impression with Social Media

First impressions matter Infographic - For more tips and resources visit How to create a great first impression using Social Media

Make a great first impression with Social Media

Over 92% of companies use LinkedIn, Facebook and or Twitter for recruiting purposes ┬áso it’s important to make a good impression on Social Media. Therefore it’s important that you look at how you are perceived when using these Networks as it may […]

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